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During Bikram yoga class this morning, my teacher Rick repeatedly mentioned this phrase. I did my utmost to perfect the postures—in 40-degree heat with sweat dripping down my face—not an easy task. It did get me thinking: why must we continuously challenge and improve ourselves and push our limits? Is stretching the narrative just part of being human?

During college, I had a boyfriend who always told me ‘’don’t work hard, work smart’’. He did not attend classes but used notes from other school friends to pass his exams. This would infuriate me as I was brought up with the mentality you always have to work hard to achieve your goals.

After college, I worked for 10 years for Israeli companies, and they required me to go above and beyond and put in the hours. My tough Israeli managers drove me insane, but it proved to be a great learning school where I was challenged on a daily basis, and flexibility was a must. Creating new businesses, finding new target audiences, and connecting the dots is second nature to me.

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When starting Ensleyvandenberg with my partner Paul, I also asked him about his drive. He replied that he wanted to create. Paul wants to surprise clients with creative ideas and is determined to make them (more) successful. Going the extra mile and genuinely making a difference in their professional life. Not working would be too dull for him. By the way, due to all the knowledge gathered, he thinks he will peak when he turns 70, haha. That may be stretching it, but as his work is still improving, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Flex your business without stretching your budget?