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Every travel organisation dreams of a nicely filled sales funnel with excellent conversion. But how do you improve your commercial success? Nowadays, with the right tools, you can automatically translate your website into, for instance, Mandarin and sell your travel product all over the world in a minute. But how do you cost-effectively target your dream client?

It’s common to attend fairs and congresses or have a representation office that cuts into your time and budget. But do you get the right audience in? How do you escape this old-world, costly, and indirect approach, where conversion is always a problem? In our experience, the shift towards directly conversing with potential clients online is essential. It requires craftsmanship. It must be data-driven, conversational, and directly on the target in your home markets and potentially worldwide.

How do you think you could go about organising the much-needed expertise? You are already publishing content on social media and writing blogs, and you may have a chatbot on your website. One thing that needs to be improved is that you need to reach the right people, and they need to interact with your company the way you expect them to.

Go direct and campaign online. Aim straight at your target audiences.

“ You don’t need a salesperson or rep; you need a real-time sales instrument combined with human intelligence.”

Numerous online agencies offer help. However, more than just knowledge of online marketing is required. You need professional help who can think and act on value-driven online communications. That’s where we step in. With profound knowledge of the Travel industry and decades of experience in online marketing based on business cases, we deliver the instruments and the right human intelligence to create impact.

Then, you can market your products and services to people and organisations with the right profile with a button click. Together, we think outside the box and target new audiences in countries you would never think of or can reach with your current sales setup.

Some important considerations.

Every medium needs a specific context. Even a Facebook post can be different from your Instagram reel. We believe in context. Of course, online campaign definitions can be generic, but every “channel” and “audience” requires a different contextual message.

ENSLEY VAN DEN BERG uses a method for contextual online marketing and advertising called a “Flywheel to Success.”

It creates awareness, interest, desire, and action from potential clients, turning them into robust prospects and customers with sound business value.


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