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Often heard

We live in a capitalistic world causing stress, and feelings of not reaching our true selves. “Life gets in the way” of stuff that really matters. We hear that a lot. It is a reality for so many people. Endless available solutions are out there: therapy, mindfulness, yoga. Here is our take on things. We believe you should try whatever feels good for you. Our personal life approach to finding energy, inspiration and tranquillity is based on two pillars.

#1 - Be like water

Let’s start with H2O. The basic building material of life. You probably know the experiments of Masaru Emoto (If not, check this video). Water picks up on sounds and emotions. It harmonizes its internal structure when exposed to positive vibes. And disrupts if exposed to chaotic/negative ones. 

#2 - Find your inner QI

Let us move on to Qi Gong energy. It’s an ancient Chinese life methodology. Qi allows all things to communicate with each other and change at both visible and invisible levels. It is Qi that carries infinite messages and pieces of information, connecting all things and all dimensions.

QI is like the internet - call it the 'inner net'

The choice is yours. Either you implement negative emotions (I feel stressed, I am unhappy, ill, not good enough etc.). Your bodily fluids will pick that up – on average we are made of 65% water. Or you go into the positive flow of life (enjoy your presence of being alive in the now, manifest the possibilities life is offering you). Life is a play in which you are not only the actor but also the director, scriptwriter and the person behind the camera.

Back to our methodology

We look at business from a natural perspective – a group of like-minded people establishing a strong purpose. It needs to grow. It needs energy. It needs tenacity. The good news is: that it’s the people who make the difference. You as a person and the synergy of working closely together with others is the recipe for celebrating successes and bouncing back on setbacks. Together – as an organism.

All of a sudden, work becomes a part of your personal happiness. No longer are they two separate things: it’s just your life.  Use positive energy to humanize your business proposition and choose a framework for growth. Find the Qi energy with your team and implement this in the mission and vision of your company for amazing playful synergy.

Our methodology fits like a glove for every organization in transition, or startups/scale-ups creating a disruption in the market. Let us bring our personal life experiences into play.

Kisa’s tip – appreciate nature

Nature is all around us. Even in densely populated urban areas. Here in Amsterdam, many houses have little gardens in front of their facades hiding bricks and concrete. It smoothens the urban energy and creates a peaceful flow.

Paul’s tip – playful procrastination

Dolce far niente, the Italians know what they are talking about. The Art of Doing Nothing. Of embracing having no plan, letting life flow. We would like to add: and let your inner child shine whilst doing so.

Welcome us on board to firmly plant your ambitions and let them grow.